Take Your Baby to Work Day: My On-Set Life with Cal

Before I had Cal, I always felt so “busy”, but I have no idea with what. Back then, I had time to spend an entire week researching new eye cream. Needless to say, things have changed greatly, and we take it day by day around here. On-set days are usually the most challenging, because they involve a great deal of juggling, emotionally and otherwise. Here’s a little peek at the bring-your-baby-to-work situation, which is still working for us.

7:00 am - Wake Up! For real this time. I will have already woken up at 2:00am and 5:00am to feed Cal, whose sleeping skills are currently in progress. But we’ve got an 8:30am call time to make, so it’s time to get out of bed. When I turned on the light this morning, Cal moved his snuggly over his eyes. I feel ya, bud.

7:30 am - After a shower and a change (for both of us), I head downstairs to make the coffee. Cal is thankfully getting very independent with his play, which gives me time to make an Aeropress and a protein smoothie before he’s ready for his own breakfast. 

8:30 am - Cal and I arrive on set and head to the makeup trailer together for some quality time before the crew arrives at 10:00am to start shooting.

9:30 am - Rachel, my nanny, arrives on set for the hand off, and I update her on Cal’s night and morning before I’m called to set for rehearsal.

10:30am - Back to the trailer to put on my costume and snag some last minute cuddles before the first chunk of work begins.

11:15 am - I get a ten minute break on set while they’re setting up another shot, so it’s cold brew time! Our entire crew is addicted to the Stumptown Cold Brew on tap that the craft service truck provides. I take mine with a generous pour of coconut milk. This engine runs on caffeine and baby giggles at the moment.

11:45 pm - I get a 20 minute break while the crew “turns around” (jargon for changing the lights and set when the camera looks the opposite direction to what we’ve been filming), so I head back to the trailer. Cal is napping, so I pump.

12:15 pm - I have a wardrobe change for the next scene, so I get to go back to the trailer to pop in on Cal… who is still snoozing.

1:45pm - After rehearsing another scene, I have 25 minutes while they set the lights, so it’s back to the trailer. Cal is awake! I get to feed him and play for a few minutes and then it’s back to set. 

2:30 pm - Pump time!

4:00 pm - Lunch break is called on set. I go back to feed Cal and we take a walk around base camp. Cal pulls on some plants. He’s in the grabby stage right now, so anything in his sight line gets snatched up almost immediately.

4:45pm - Lunch time is over, back to set. 

6:00pm - Wrap! Cal and I head home to wash bottles and unpack the inevitable diapers.com delivery on the door step. 

6:45pm - Bath time for Cal! He, like most babies I know, LOVES his bath. I recently started using this Stokke bath with a reclining insert, which makes it easy for him to kick like a mad man. That reminds me - I need to enroll him in swim lessons.

7:00pm - Back downstairs to make a batch of lactation cookies and shovel some dinner into my face while Cal plays in his wooden baby gym. Oh, and WINE.

8:45pm - Cal gives me his tired cues (this usually happens between 8 and 9 every night) and we head upstairs to feed. He drifts off to sleep, and I head down to clean the dishes from the cookie making, eat two of them, and then catch up with an hour of dvr (my current favorites are Quantico and Ladies of London) before cuddling up to Cal, high five-ing the universe for having made it through another day together. 

My Late-Pregnancy Survival Kit

I'm now almost 37 weeks pregnant and joint issues have made standing/walking/leisurelystrollingabouttowning a fond and distant memory. So before I retreat to the couch into a Pinterest remodeling hole so deep that only the onset of labor can pull me out, I thought I'd share the tools I've been using to get me through the home stretch (literally, if you ask my hips).

1. Giant Exercise Ball

I chose this guy by Max Fitness since it was the only color that would work with my home decor. It has become the greatest piece of furniture I own. 

2. Nine Naturals Belly Butter, Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil, Mother's Special Blend Skin Toning Oil

This trifecta has kept me (so far) stretch mark free and reduced the itchies from month one of my pregnancy. My friend Julia swore by the Nine Naturals and my friend Shaari sent me the Mother's Special Blend. I layer the belly butter over one of the oils after every shower. I couldn't handle the smell of the Mother's Special Blend during my first and second tris, but now I love it.

3. Yoga Download's Baptiste Power Yoga for Pregnancy with Dave Farmar/Revocycle/Barre 3

The most frustrating thing for me in these last couple of months is the multitude of aches, pains, and joint issues downgrading me from a Walk Score of 97 (walker's paradise!) to a 12 (most errands require car :-/). The following are ways I've kept my body moving safely and securely, saving my sanity and hopefully keeping me in shape for that labor day marathon.

Power Yoga for Pregnancy with Dave Farmar is essential. Most prenatal yoga options I found were slow and meditative, which just doesn't work for monkey minds needing a flow strenuous enough to take the brain off the day's checklist or counting dust mites on the floor. Dave Farmar's pregnancy flow is not recommended for the total beginner (I'd say as long as you have an understanding of the Sun A & B series you'll do fine), but it will keep you moving and make your arms reassuringly sore the next day. 

Revocycle in Portland is my version of group class heaven. This place prioritizes integrity of movement and smart cycling, which is just what the doctor ordered (literally). The bikes here are free wheel, so they give the entire leg a workout instead of just frying the quads like a fly wheel. I call it nerd cycle because they emphasize exercise science, heart rate zones, and the (indie/classic rock/80s-90s oldies) music is played at reasonable levels. 

Barre 3 rounds out the regime by providing the best pregnancy modifications (or "mods" in B3 lingo) and variety to leave no muscle left behind. It's been especially great to keep my back in shape and able to carry 25 (and counting) new pounds of weight. Barre 3 has also got an amazing app with 10 minute workouts that you can do anywhere - including a trailer while waiting to be called to set.  

4. Herbal Concepts Lumbar Comfort Wrap

I use this thing at least once a day. Microwave for two minutes, tie around lower back, plop on couch, turn on Veep. Bliss.

5. La Croix flavored sparking water

When each passing mocktail suggestion makes you more depressed that you don't have an actual gin martini in your hand, reach for a can of La Croix. There's nothing in any of these cans that the internet can object to, pregnancy-wise, and this stuff gives me just the right amount of texture and flavor to cure my filtered water malaise. My favorites are coconut and orange.

6. Splendid Longline Bralette

My bra size has changed at least four times in the past nine months, and this cotton wonder seems to be the only thing growing with the times. It is incredibly soft and incredibly cute, which is the last word I'd use to describe most of the maternity bra options in the world. Get one.


Rachel Zoe for A Pea in the Pod Launch Party

(my love letter to A Pea in the Pod)

I am 32 1/2 weeks into this pregnancy which is, technically speaking, Very Pregnant. My lower back is screaming, my energy level is dwindling, and the only piece of pre-pregnancy clothing that fits is a dress I bought three sizes too big (sale fail). Before I became pregnant, I thought maternity clothes were a punch line; The duds of the lazy or a thing I'd resort to if I had a mashed potato meltdown. I didn't see any room in my style or my closet for ruching, empire waisting, or the expense of a temporary wardrobe. I am a young(ish), thrifty, style-conscious woman! I will not succumb to leggings and caftans! 

I hate being wrong. 

I type this post wearing one of my now nine pairs of black leggings, a ruched cotton maternity top, and an oversized swacket. I have blown far past the legal limit on A Pea in the Pod tanks and soft bras, and I don't even remember what a zipper feels like. Once all of my longest tees became crop tops, shopping for larger versions of former favorites (bye bye Steven Alan button downs) was depressing, as I came out of every dressing room looking like a yurt. Normal clothing isn't prepared to deal with basketball torsos and uniboobs. There was just no pleasure in muscling into ill-fitting anything that only reminded me how large I'd grown (and how small I may never will be again). I am much happier wearing what fits right now, embracing and marveling at my ever-growing belly and the sci-fi-worthy stretchiness of skin. Plus, when a place like Destination Maternity exists, it's a pretty small sacrifice to make to the style gods. I was shocked when I finally walked through their doors and found a treasure chest full of cuteness made just for ladies like ME! I reach for their own label's tops faster than anything else in my drawer, and lines like Vince, Splendid and J. Brand (old friends!) are now designing for the store. While it's more expensive than Target, the shops has frequent sales, bathrooms, tiny bottled waters, the friendliest staff imaginable, and everything a swelling belly aches for. I know this sounds like a sponsored post, but I can't help but gush from the rooftops about how much less wonderful life would be without striped ruched tees and an empire-waisted cargo coat!

SO YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHY...When I was invited to the launch of Rachel Zoe's collection for A Pea in the Pod, I begged production to clear the date so I could make the decidedly not doctor-recommended day trip to LA to be there. A Pea in the Pod graciously gifted me a dress from Zoe's new collection, which is as modern and stylish as you'd expect. The dress I wore had a super chic print made from the most comfortable material I've ever put on my body. I added an old jean jacket to give the top more shape and wore my most comfortable heels (buttery leather Roberto del Carlo wedges I purchased a few years ago at a Barneys blowout sale). Steven Mason and Andre Sarmiento had done my hair and make-up for an appearance on Home and Family earlier in the day (their fees covered by NBC yay!), and made sure it was a style that would transfer to the party. I LOVE this lip color André used, and even braved The Beverly Center to pick up my own tube from Sephora. It's Bite Beauty's Cashmere Lip Creme in Sherry and is so deeply pigmented that I barely needed a touch up at the end of the day.  At the event, I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel (lovely, hilarious) and Chris Daniel, A Pea in the Pod's president and my new hero. I arrived back in PDX late that night and slipped into my Secret Fit Belly leggings, thoroughly exhausted and totally happy. Stretch cotton is so underrated.

Dress: Rachel Zoe for A Pea in the Pod (gifted, $138 in store/online)

Jacket: Levi's ($60)

Shoes: Roberto del Carlo (about $150, on sale)

Hair/Makeup: Steven Mason and Andre Sarmiento, covered by NBC publicity


(how I fixed my freaked-out, rashy face)

I have been pretty lucky with this pregnancy. No barfing, no hemorrhoids and only minor bouts of heartburn have plagued me so far. The one major malady I pulled out of the pregnancy hormone grab bag was a confounding skin rash. Not since I was "Clairasil" in seventh grade (honestly) has my skin acted so freakish and unpredictable. The pictures above don't do it justice. It was that, but redder and weirder. No amount of google image searching was coming up with a reason why, and since I do make my living plastering my face on HD television, this was more than a vanity project...My son's college fund was at stake! 

Most active skincare ingredients are off-limits to pregnant women (I have been mourning the loss of my dear retinols for over seven months now), and I'm too lazy to cut things out of my diet, so I ran as fast as I could to my skin guru, Ally Guest, the (no longer) best kept secret in Portland. She works miracles. My skin cleared up with a facial that included an alginate mask and LED light therapy, only to become rashy again a few days later. Ally gave me products for redness and sensitive skin to try, but nothing could get rid of the little red jerks on my cheeks. I scoured blogs (I am a natural skin care junkie), ordered "mommy friendly" products and apologized profusely to Ruthann, my make up artist on set. It wasn't until visiting my husband in frigid, windy, takes-your-actual-breath-away St. Paul, MN that I finally got to the bottom of the rash. It seemed that pregnancy hormones had made my skin incredibly sensitive to dryness. Any amount of parched air was sending it into a fit of rage, and my coconut oil regimen just wasn't replenishing the moisture loss.

The product lines Ally uses are all free of allergens and parabens so, armed with my new hypothesis, I searched her stock for the most moisturizing but pregnancy-safe ingredients. The internet will tell you that just about every essential oil and herbal remedy is off limits, so I stuck to ingredients that have been proven safe, i.e. ingredients that I saw included in other pregnancy-specific skin care lines. The main goal was preventing moisture loss and creating a barrier from the elements. Between the two of us, we came up with the magic formula. This obviously won't work for everyone - no regimen does - but if you are struck with red bumps and rashy skin sometime in your second trimester like I was, may I recommend the following? (You can find all of these things online or at Ally's webstore here)



Cleanse with glo-therapeutics Essential Cleansing Oil (rinse with warm washcloth)

Apply glo-therapeutics Advanced B5 Hydration (this one has one of the simplest ingredient lists I've ever seen and is far more moisturizing than Skinceuticals' B5+Hyaluronic version, which I have used)

Finish with a few drops of pure Jojoba Oil (this bottle came from Whole Foods and was about $8)



Cleanse with glo-therapeutics Essential Cleansing Oil (rinse with warm washcloth)

Apply Rhonda Allison Sea Gems serum (Ally's favorite multi-tasking product - this stuff will make your skin sing)

Follow with glo-therapeutics Advanced B5 Hydration

Finish with a few more drops of pure Jojoba Oil

Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards Party

I titled this blog Full Disclothesure, but I've been disclosing a little less than fully, pretty much since it began. I feel terrible. It's high time I out with the secret that Portlanders in my doctor's office, Revocycle, and the 23rd Ave Barista have known for months (I haven't given up my morning fix). The truth is... I'm pregnant! Hiding a bump for five months, especially during winter, is pretty easy, but a six month bump? Impossible.

An invitation to attend EW's SAG Awards party came up (i.e., my publicist Jami convinced them to let me crash), and there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to stalk Taystee from OITNB. Armed with my ever-growing belly and the $500 I budgeted for myself, I set off for Bridgeport Village in Tigard.

My first stop was Saks Off Fifth, the outlet off-shoot of Saks Fifth Avenue. This being January, I very luckily hit the tail end of the year-end markdowns, also known as JACKPOT!!! Specifically, 60% off the lowest clearance prices, which is about as dangerous as it gets for sale junkies like me. My husband constantly reminds me that the amount saved on an item is not actually deposited into our bank account, but I still lose my mind (and many dollars from my savings) over a great deal.

The main decision, as any pregnant lady knows, was whether to tent or shrink-wrap the bump. Do I go full curve, or give the little guy room to boogie (which he now does all day and night, much to the frustration of my dwindling REM cycles)?

My waistline had officially gone AWOL, so I was a little daunted. I've never had the confidence to rock a "body con" stretch dress if it wasn't forced upon me by a wardrobe department, so I stuck to my safe zone of A-lines and shifts. The great thing about all these new body issues is that I am presented with far fewer options, creating a drastically easier decision making process! I found a total of one dress that fit and was cute/unique enough to submit to the red carpet firing squad. The last one on the rack, it was a RED by Valentino floral mini dress, in my size, WITH POCKETS, and marked down to $178 from $595!! Serendipity.

Next up, shoes! I was scouring the 'net for the perfect booties to go with my Grammys dress (more on that in a couple of weeks), and I stumbled upon a pair on Piperlime that seemed cobbler-made for my dress. They featured the same netting and swiss dot detail as the Valentino, for a reasonable-ish $135. I ordered them and watched them go on sale a week later, so the angels at Piperlime credited me back the difference in price. The bargain gods are ever in my favor! $89.99 was the final damage. Comfortable, they were not. Adorable? Yes. I'd apologize to my toes later. 

The last element was hair and makeup. I decided to trust the matter to the experts, recruiting my favorite team of Steven Mason and André Sarmiento to finish the look. This meant spending a considerable chunk of change, but I can write it off (not so the wardrobe), and my second trimester skin has been freaking out (prone to unexpected rashes), so it felt worth the investment. I knew I wanted my hair off my face (it desperately needs a trim and touch-up) and I loved this top knot, but was a little worried it would make me look like a sociopathic ballerina or 60, so Steven promised we'd have time to change it if I lost confidence...He crushed it, of course. The top netting and swiss dots of the dress made me think 50s, so I wanted a vintage-y eye and face, like this photo I sent to André. He concocted the beautifully bright orchid pink from a few different shades, which proved to be a major hit, passing muster from my sisters and Bitsie, to whom I'd been frantically submitting options for approval.

Finally, I spent a good twenty minutes trying to decide how to finagle the bump for the cameras. The dress' pockets were the perfect tool to accentuate the new passenger and, as a bonus, got my shoulders rolled back and down for good posture. Motherhood multitasking starts early!

The Breakdown:

Dress: $178

Shoes: $89.99

Necklace (McTeigue & McClelland): Gift from husband

Total Cost of Look: $267.99

(plus hair + makeup)

Five Minute Blow Dry

My Top Five Least Favorite Things:

5. People who cut into the merge line on the freeway

4. Waiting for bags at baggage claim

3. White asparagus

2. Temperatures above 74 degrees

1. Blow drying my hair

Unless I am network testing for a pilot or (I'd imagine) having tea with the queen, I can't physically spend more than five minutes drying my hair. I just can't. Here's a video of my morning cheats (in real time, so please excuse the reprehensible production value) so that you, too, can get out the door and off to the bakery sooner.


To Do

A Brighter Black Friday

Your Etsy Guide to the Best Stay-at-Home Shops

I have three fears in life: the dark, small talk with strangers, and pumpkin-spice-latte-fueled holiday crowds. To preserve my health and the safety of others, I don't do Black Friday, but I do love getting a jump on the holiday gift buying rush... And as it's more important than ever to support the national economy (my excuse for every shopping binge I've ever been on), I fulfill my duty as an American online. For the vintage-loving rummager, there's no better place shop 'til one drops (comfortably, onto a couch) than on Etsy. The only problem with Etsy is where do you even begin? In honor of this season of giving, I've done the hours of clicking, scrolling and curating for you, bringing you plenty of ways to save your gas, sanity, and sales tax! 

(New Full Disclothesure subscription link at the bottom!)

For Etsy Shopping Success (in no particular order), start here:

1. Saint Vintage Clothing

This shop has an adorable collection of 40s and 50s finds, plus well-curated and cleaned shoes (like the ones above that I'm about to buy, sorry)


2. Homestead Seattle

This Seattle-based shop has an eclectic mix of furniture from different eras, as well as unique wall coverings. I love the way the way they photograph their items in store, which is great for purchasing confidence. Wonderful customer service, as well!



Handmade cashmere and natural fiber hats, scarves and mittens, purchasing directly from the hands that make the goods. Coziness from every angle.

4. littlecows

Think of this as the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue/Bergdorf Christmas Windows of Etsy. This shop has aspirational (expennnnsive) vintage furniture and collectibles, with a particular focus on children's gear. If you have a couple thousand dollars lying around, may I suggest this for your favorite baby or plants?


5. Dirty Birdies Vintage

I love this shop. Dirty Birdies corners the market on whimsy, style and wearable treasures, a mix of all that is good about vintage shopping. If any of you out there were even half the Strawberry Shortcake nut that I was, feast your eyes here.


6. Thought Cake Living

This store is a vintage housewares and knick knack gem. All sorts of rarities, oddities and gifts for the person who has everything... Because I'm fairly certain even that person doesn't have a wood duck barometer (on sale now!).


7. 1919 Vintage

Your search for the perfect party dress is over! 1919 is a great resource for frocks of all eras and a small but wonderful selection of vintage shoes (I found my favorite vintage pair here last year). Small tip: When buying vintage shoes, definitely measure your feet and check the inches listed on the item details before purchasing...Vintage sizing can be very, very different from modern numbers. If you're concerned about podiatric hygiene, I recommend picking up one of these


8. (Holdiay Bonus!) Daisy Petal Vintage

The shop is the answer to all of your Ugly Christmas Sweater Nightmares! This place is horrifying. Check it out.

Five Minute Style: Half Crown Braid

I spend way too many hours in hair and makeup chairs getting primped and prepped for work, so the last thing I want to do on my off days is futz with my face. I've found a few quick and easy ways to fake it in five minutes, preserving my sanity as well as precious hours better spent experimenting with fancy chocolate for hot cocoa recipes or scouring the internet for the perfect fall turtleneck. Here's the first in a series of vids on how I do!

When I wore this style on the People StyleWatch Denim Party carpet I threw in a couple of curls with this 1.75" curling iron to the non-braided part of my hair, but it went pretty much as you can see on the video. Piece of pie!


Small clear hair band





(Or... The 20 Minute Glam Experiment)

I booked a flight to New York last week because my very talented publicist Jami secured me a segment on the Rachael Ray show. This movie screening popped up for the night I was set to arrive in town. Since changing flights is as expensive as a brand new outfit, I decided to pray to the FAA gods for good plane luck, knowing I'd get to the city with about thirty minutes to assemble a "look" in time to walk the carpet (the plane was on time, but my bag was last out, stealing 10 precious minutes of prep time!). I wore an Osea moisturizing mask and oil on the plane (thank you, Ally Guest!) and gave myself a blowout the night before as a head start. I applied makeup in the dim light of the back of a town car while driver Dan listened to Euro Trance on his headphones. It was about as risky a task as I've ever performed.

For a twenty minute backseat makeup job, I was thrilled. But these closeups show: a) what a difference lighting can make, and b) what a difference a professional can make (the third pic is  from my last event, makeup applied by the fabulous Elaine Madelon). A professional makeup artist has a way of magically smoothing skin, blending tones, and removing the shine that seems to creep onto my face no matter how much pressed powder I apply. In my mirror, this looked like a TON of makeup, but it all sort of dissolves under the lights on the carpet. Here's what I used:

Vapour is an all natural makeup line with a lightweight foundation that I LOVE...so much, in fact, that it's now what my set makeup artist Ruthann uses to paint Adalind's face on Grimm.

RMS is a coconut oil based line with fantastic eye and cheek colors that don't need a brush for application; You just smudge with your (hopefully clean) fingers. They're extremely blendable, i.e., hard to screw up. Perfect for handling traffic and bumps on the Long Island Expressway!

Olio e Osso balm is another multitasker. The company is local and they make 4 shades of this stick, which work on cheeks, lips, all over. I used #3 this night on my cheeks. It's my favorite cherry red blush tone.

On to the outfit! Once at my sister's place (where I was staying), I had the car wait downstairs while I changed out of my airplane athleisure attire (thank you, Champion, for coining that gem) and into my most un-wrinkleable casual-cocktail outfit. That gold velvet skirt is one of my closet desert-island items. I got it at a Steven Alan sample sale about six years ago and it's been my favorite way to look "polished yet playful!" ever since. I think it was $68. It's hard to discern from the photo, but the top and tights are both navy blue. The top is a washed silk piece from Aritzia that I bought during my second year on Grimm on my first (and last) trip to Washington Square Mall (I'm a Bridgeport Village girl now). It was about $70. The tights were $40 on sale at A.P.C., which is pricey for tights, but they're warm and durable and have lasted three winters. The necklace is my favorite gifted piece from the lovely ladies at Avenle. I love how it looks like an heirloom.

...And that brings us to the shoes ($219 and 40% off at A.P.C.). I VERY rarely wear open-toed shoes because of my long spaghetti toes, but I'd seen this look around and thought it was adorable. I knew this was a risk when I tried the outfit on at home, but I really loved the color of the leather with the navy and gold. It ended up looking like Gram's orthotics. Can't win 'em all! Overall, I give myself a B for effort.

Aritzia Top: $70

Avenle necklace: Gifted

Steven Alan Skirt: $68

A.P.C. Tights: $40

A.P.C. Shoes: $219

Total Cost of Look: $397

YOUNG ONES New York Premiere

Carry-On Catastrophe!

I went to New York last week for a couple of interviews, to visit my sister Carrie, and to catch my husband's show at Town Hall. It turned into the most productive three days ever, as an audition popped up and my publicist Jami was able to secure a last minute invite to a movie premiere (the fascinating and strange Young Ones, directed by Jake Paltrow). I'm all for efficiency, but "last-minute" meant I had to scrounge up an outfit from the items I threw in my carry-on, since I wasn't about to spend my entire dining-out budget on a new dress (nor did I really have the time for a manic trip to Barneys). I was assured by Jami that it was "downtown and Landmark (the theater) isn't dressy", but Elle Fanning would be there, upping the style quotient by at least a stiletto! Here's what I was working with:

Slim pickens, to say the least. Luckily, my sister was harboring a box of hand-me-downs that I had promised to our littlest sister Abbie (god bless procrastination), which contained a pair of J.Crew wedge boots I'd bought on clearance (and had worn twice ever), so I had heels! I added the floral dress (a vintage Suzy Perette silk number I found on a recent trip to Xtabay in Portland) and jean jacket (my favorite Current/Elliott, bought on sale at Lizard Lounge in Portland). The necklace was a rose gold Gorjana leaf I found on Gilt for $40. From my sister's epic collection of handbags, I borrowed a red Rebecca Minkoff purse that matched the red flowers of the dress perfectly.

The fantastically talented Elaine Madelon and Brian Magallones had fixed my face and hair for interviews earlier that day (thank you, NBC), and their handiwork was so expert that I was able to carry the look into evening. Despite the indoor lighting and shiny forehead (I swear I powdered), I was pretty happy with the result! I was even happier with Landmark's popcorn. I'll be dreaming about that perfectly layered butter for weeks.

(p.s. Elle was indeed wearing stilettos. Bright coral stilettos. Such a pro.)

Hair/Makeup: Covered by NBC; @elainemadelon, @brianmagallones

Dress: Xtabay $248

Jean Jacket: Current/Elliott $260

Shoes: J.Crew $39.99 (I'll never forget a deal that good)

Necklace: Gorjana on Gilt $40

Total Cost of Look: $587.99