YOUNG ONES New York Premiere

Carry-On Catastrophe!

I went to New York last week for a couple of interviews, to visit my sister Carrie, and to catch my husband's show at Town Hall. It turned into the most productive three days ever, as an audition popped up and my publicist Jami was able to secure a last minute invite to a movie premiere (the fascinating and strange Young Ones, directed by Jake Paltrow). I'm all for efficiency, but "last-minute" meant I had to scrounge up an outfit from the items I threw in my carry-on, since I wasn't about to spend my entire dining-out budget on a new dress (nor did I really have the time for a manic trip to Barneys). I was assured by Jami that it was "downtown and Landmark (the theater) isn't dressy", but Elle Fanning would be there, upping the style quotient by at least a stiletto! Here's what I was working with:

Slim pickens, to say the least. Luckily, my sister was harboring a box of hand-me-downs that I had promised to our littlest sister Abbie (god bless procrastination), which contained a pair of J.Crew wedge boots I'd bought on clearance (and had worn twice ever), so I had heels! I added the floral dress (a vintage Suzy Perette silk number I found on a recent trip to Xtabay in Portland) and jean jacket (my favorite Current/Elliott, bought on sale at Lizard Lounge in Portland). The necklace was a rose gold Gorjana leaf I found on Gilt for $40. From my sister's epic collection of handbags, I borrowed a red Rebecca Minkoff purse that matched the red flowers of the dress perfectly.

The fantastically talented Elaine Madelon and Brian Magallones had fixed my face and hair for interviews earlier that day (thank you, NBC), and their handiwork was so expert that I was able to carry the look into evening. Despite the indoor lighting and shiny forehead (I swear I powdered), I was pretty happy with the result! I was even happier with Landmark's popcorn. I'll be dreaming about that perfectly layered butter for weeks.

(p.s. Elle was indeed wearing stilettos. Bright coral stilettos. Such a pro.)

Hair/Makeup: Covered by NBC; @elainemadelon, @brianmagallones

Dress: Xtabay $248

Jean Jacket: Current/Elliott $260

Shoes: J.Crew $39.99 (I'll never forget a deal that good)

Necklace: Gorjana on Gilt $40

Total Cost of Look: $587.99