(Or... The 20 Minute Glam Experiment)

I booked a flight to New York last week because my very talented publicist Jami secured me a segment on the Rachael Ray show. This movie screening popped up for the night I was set to arrive in town. Since changing flights is as expensive as a brand new outfit, I decided to pray to the FAA gods for good plane luck, knowing I'd get to the city with about thirty minutes to assemble a "look" in time to walk the carpet (the plane was on time, but my bag was last out, stealing 10 precious minutes of prep time!). I wore an Osea moisturizing mask and oil on the plane (thank you, Ally Guest!) and gave myself a blowout the night before as a head start. I applied makeup in the dim light of the back of a town car while driver Dan listened to Euro Trance on his headphones. It was about as risky a task as I've ever performed.

For a twenty minute backseat makeup job, I was thrilled. But these closeups show: a) what a difference lighting can make, and b) what a difference a professional can make (the third pic is  from my last event, makeup applied by the fabulous Elaine Madelon). A professional makeup artist has a way of magically smoothing skin, blending tones, and removing the shine that seems to creep onto my face no matter how much pressed powder I apply. In my mirror, this looked like a TON of makeup, but it all sort of dissolves under the lights on the carpet. Here's what I used:

Vapour is an all natural makeup line with a lightweight foundation that I much, in fact, that it's now what my set makeup artist Ruthann uses to paint Adalind's face on Grimm.

RMS is a coconut oil based line with fantastic eye and cheek colors that don't need a brush for application; You just smudge with your (hopefully clean) fingers. They're extremely blendable, i.e., hard to screw up. Perfect for handling traffic and bumps on the Long Island Expressway!

Olio e Osso balm is another multitasker. The company is local and they make 4 shades of this stick, which work on cheeks, lips, all over. I used #3 this night on my cheeks. It's my favorite cherry red blush tone.

On to the outfit! Once at my sister's place (where I was staying), I had the car wait downstairs while I changed out of my airplane athleisure attire (thank you, Champion, for coining that gem) and into my most un-wrinkleable casual-cocktail outfit. That gold velvet skirt is one of my closet desert-island items. I got it at a Steven Alan sample sale about six years ago and it's been my favorite way to look "polished yet playful!" ever since. I think it was $68. It's hard to discern from the photo, but the top and tights are both navy blue. The top is a washed silk piece from Aritzia that I bought during my second year on Grimm on my first (and last) trip to Washington Square Mall (I'm a Bridgeport Village girl now). It was about $70. The tights were $40 on sale at A.P.C., which is pricey for tights, but they're warm and durable and have lasted three winters. The necklace is my favorite gifted piece from the lovely ladies at Avenle. I love how it looks like an heirloom.

...And that brings us to the shoes ($219 and 40% off at A.P.C.). I VERY rarely wear open-toed shoes because of my long spaghetti toes, but I'd seen this look around and thought it was adorable. I knew this was a risk when I tried the outfit on at home, but I really loved the color of the leather with the navy and gold. It ended up looking like Gram's orthotics. Can't win 'em all! Overall, I give myself a B for effort.

Aritzia Top: $70

Avenle necklace: Gifted

Steven Alan Skirt: $68

A.P.C. Tights: $40

A.P.C. Shoes: $219

Total Cost of Look: $397