Comic-Con 2014: Regrets and Repurposing!

Welcome to Full Disclothesure, my new blog showing the nitty gritty reality of my red carpet  "moments". Flashbulbs are more unforgiving than new raw denim, and one's worst angle is guaranteed to be the same one Google features the most. Check out this winner from last year's Comic Con. I'm still learning to laugh at my mistakes instead of curse technological advancement for creating the internet.

I don't use a stylist because they start at $500 an event, you don't get to keep the gear, and I'm saving for a house. So here's a chronicling of my own hits and misses, which will hopefully help me learn from my mistakes, keep myself on budget, and give you a little peek behind the scenes of the most daunting part of the business.

The Entertainment Weekly party is the the swankiest event of the weekend (I met Matt Smith and Jordan Gavaris this year, so it was also the most exciting). I'm wearing a dress I purchased at Albertine, a wonderful boutique in the West Village, which was originally intended to be my wedding dress (otherwise I would have never spent that kind of cash). It was floor length, had a small train, and I ended up wearing it to my rehearsal dinner.

Leslie Gilbertson, Grimm's genius seamstress, shortened and altered the gown to make it cocktail attire. It has a fabulous deep v in the back, which wasn't shown in photos because I haven't perfected the over-the-shoulder yet.

The shoes were also purchased for my wedding, on Etsy. My rule with vintage shoes is that if you like them, they're your size (I'm a 6), and they're under $50, they were destined for your feet and must be purchased. Hair and makeup was crafted by my very favorite duo, Steven Mason and Andre Sarmiento. They are incredible and they make all the difference in the world when it comes to the carpet. NBC paid for their services for the day, but I would pay whatever it took to have them on all of my carpets, even if it meant wearing mom jeans and a hoodie to the Emmys.

Total Cost of Look: $860 


Wedding Dress #2! Comic Con is the biggest press junket juggernaut we attend all year, so the outfit chosen needs to go the 13 hour distance from TVLine to TVGuide. This is the most expensive dress I own, and was purchased for me as a gift from my two sisters, as it was also originally intended to be my wedding dress (our first thought was having a dinner party gathering instead of traditional ceremony sitch). I found it at Barneys in New York and it was altered and shortened in Portland at Thu Fashion, which I highly recommend.

The necklace is a glorious bloomed gold dandelion purchased by my husband as a birthday gift from the masters at McTeigue & McClelland . My husband found the shop when he was in the Berkshires in rehearsals for The Goat Rodeo tour last year. He'd been looking for an engagement ring (unbeknownst to me) for a while and found the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) ring there.  

I found the shoes on sale at A.P.C. Chaussures in Paris while on my honeymoon. On soldes! These shoes were debuted at Comic Con, are as comfortable as slippers, and I may need them in every color.

Total Cost of Look: $1796 (more than my rent good god)


So…yeah. I was all set to hit the town in another honeymoon-trip A.P.C. dress until five minutes before I was supposed to meet Bree downstairs, when I realized I'd forgotten the shoes to go with it. Before this night, I had never worn or even tried any of these things on together.

Bree was helping me figure out what to do with the t-shirt. We opted for a "loose, half-in, half-out, who cares" look, which, on the carpet just looks like a mistake. But the biggest problem with this look is the hemline of my skirt. This is a lesson in dressing for your size (5'4"), instead of dressing for what you always wished your size would be (5'8"). I would have maybe been able to pull this off if that skirt was hemmed by about 2 1/2 inches. Maybe.

I bought the t-shirt at agnes b. and the skirt at Comptoir des Cotonnieres, both in Paris, again on sale (all of Paris is on sale in June!) and the jacket was on major markdown clearance at Barneys in LA. I did my own hair and makeup for this one, using Vapour and RMS Beauty, two all-natural lines that I adore, but which my application of didn't hold up so well under all those lights. Oh, and I also forgot bobby pins, so my hair was falling apart with each step. Sigh.

Total Cost of Look: $487